Join the ultimate workshop for crafting one-of-a-kind gifts.

Create a jaw-dropping explosion box (even if you've never worked with photos before.)

* Yes, this is the actual response when my friend saw her photo explosion box open for the first time. *

Disclaimer: "Exploding" means having the box sides fall all the way down, unlike some of the explosion boxes you see where people have to physically push them down. 

 Exploding DOES NOT mean your papercraft will actually catch fire.

Look at all of the interactive elements inside!
What is an "interactive" Photo Explosion Box?

Click the play button to watch the video below.

It's a six-layer box exploding with memories.

When the lid is removed, each box falls flat to reveal a smaller box.

Pull out, open, or un-fold the elements to reveal photos or notes.

It's a delightful scrapbook in a box.

Relive cherished memories with each layer and each photo nestled in a creative design element.

It's the most fun part of a pop-up card but in a gift box.

It's a totally unique, customized gift you tailor to that special person..... no one else could ever possibly make anything similar.

I'm Emily, the person who crafters turn to when they want to create amazing explosion boxes without any frustration, headaches, or tears.

help crafters make stunning, personal paper creations for special people and occasions... to make something extra-special for people they love.  

You'll see "the jaw drop" when your gift is opened.
Inside the Interactive Photo Explosion Box workshop, you'll learn:

How to choose photos 

 How to get photos off your phone into your box 

 5 best tricks for a dramatically dropping box 

 Which weights of paper to use for different box pieces an elements 

 To make stickers for easily decorating your explosion box 

 9 top tips for working with paper 

 To easily add frames and captions to your photos in Design Space (no 3rd-party software required!)  

 To make scoring go faster  

 To use each SVG in Design Space 

 How to use Design Space functions to score, attach, group, flatten, and print then cut 

 Step-by-step video tutorials on cutting, scoring, burnishing, and gluing each piece 

 How to resize any element 

 How to figure out size for photos and/or extras to include 

 To print at the highest quality using your home printer and Design Space

This is amazing, but dealing with so many photos seems totally overwhelming.

Are you worried about dealing with the millions of photos on your phone?

Or maybe you'll use photos from the stacks of albums collecting dust in the attic?

If it seems too overwhelming to even try, don't worry. I've got you!

You'll be able to use photos without spending hours trying to figure out how to get them to fit in the space available.
The photo planner makes it easy to decide which photos you'll use, how you'll display them, and on which layer they'll go on.

The photos unit is an hour of video lessons answering ALL of the questions below, plus many more.

Where do I even start when choosing photos?

What if I only have digital photos?

What if I want to get my digital photos professionally printed?

What if I want to use prints I already have?

What's the easiest way to get the photos from my phone into the photo explosion box?

Why this workshop?

minorDIY workshops are known for thorough, easy-to-follow videos. Crafters said:

I watched the first four or five videos of the class yesterday. Your teaching technique is "spot on" and easy to listen to as well as to watch… Why didn't that method ever occur to me?? Such an easy hack and for me, who uses printed photos, an amazingly easy help! Can't wait to watch more! Thank you.


I just watched your video and I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed it! What a fun project. The video was well done, easy to follow, and informative. Thank you for sharing your talent.


What's included?

The Photo Explosion Box Workshop gives you instant access to complete video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through creating a 6-layer explosion box filled with your precious memories.

37 Video Tutorials

Get instant access to hours of tutorials, available any time and any place you want to craft at.

Printable Workbook
Follow along and take notes alongside the outline of every video for easy reference later.
Photo Planner
This makes it easy to plan which of your many special photos to include, and where they'll go.
Cheat Sheets
Prevent confusion by printing out cheat sheets showing each element's name, number of photos it holds, and images of the SVG and finished element.
SVG bundle
All of the SVGs needed, which includes the box bases, sides, lids, interactive photo elements, plus more SVGs for resizing, photo templates, and boosters.

Bonus Lessons

9 best tips for Cricut paper crafts
You'll learn some of the best tips to get great results with cardstock.
Turn your handwriting into a font
Learn how to make your handwriting into a font using your iPad and Apple Pencil, using a free website.


  • Can I use an Explore Air?
    Yes! Actually, that is my preferred Cricut machine for making explosion boxes because you can just load the mat and press the button to cut.

    If using the Maker 3, you need to load the mat and wait for it to measure, then press the cut button (and sometimes it measures the mat again before cutting.)
  • What if I've never crafted with paper before?
    That's OK! Here are the top three things you can do to ensure success.

    1 - Start with the video "9 best tips for paper crafting."

    2 - Make sure you have everything needed from the supplies list. (Tip: The green mat is NOT the same as the blue mat.)

    3 - Pay attention to material settings and do a small test cut every time you are using an unfamiliar material.
  • How long do I have to watch the workshop?
    You have lifetime access to the workshop, along with all future updates, new lessons, and new projects that use photos.

    You can access it on your phone, your computer, your iPad - anywhere that has internet available.

    Go at your own pace. It's up to you if you want to binge-watch it or watch one lesson at a time.

    Open both Design Space and the workshop and follow along click-by-click!
  • What if I don't have digital photos?
    No problem! I show you how to use included templates and SVGs to check sizes and cut already-printed photos.
  • What if I only have disorganized photos on my phone?
    You'll learn how to create folders, find photos from special dates or events, and get them off your phone and into the photo explosion box!
  • Are the lessons long and complicated?

    They're broken down into simple steps, so it's easy to digest.
  • Do I need a computer to use with Design Space?
    Nope. If you often use Design Space with your iPad, you know how to use the functions needed.

    All of the videos are recorded using the desktop version of Design Space, so the menu options won't look the same, but they'll be there.

    Personally, I strongly prefer using my Cricut with the desktop version of Design Space. However, if you always use Design Space with your iPad, you should have no issues with this project.
  • What if I don't really know how to use Design Space?
    That's why each SVG and element has a video demonstrating where to click and explaining what's happening every step of the way, from uploading in Design Space to burnishing and gluing each interactive element.
  • What if I've already done your holiday explosion box or birthday explosion box?
    Great! You already know how to make the box bases, sides, and lids.

    This version focuses on photos and has 14 more design elements than those explosion boxes, so there's still lots to learn.
  • Is this a quick project?

    You'll learn ways to do things efficiently, but it will never be an "OMG I forgot to buy them something and the party is tonight" gift.
  • I have a Cricut Joy or Joy Xtra - can I use it to make this project?
    No; the Joy is too small and doesn't have a scoring tool.

    You need a cutting machine that can cut and score 12x12 inch (30x30 cm) paper.

    You could do lots of the elements and all of the photos with the Joy Xtra.

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