Learn how to use ANY photo, either digital or print, in Cricut Projects.

Have you already made many of the 'standard' Cricut crafts?

Take your customization to the next level with photos!
Combining your love for photos
with your Cricut crafts = mind-
blowing gifts
Want to make crafts that
make their jaws drop?

Imagine the look of pure joy and appreciation on your loved one's face as they open your photo gift.

In this workshop, you'll learn...

how to choose your best photos  

the easiest way to get the digital photos from a phone onto your computer, ready to be uploaded to Design Space 

where to get your digital photos professionally printed in cute little sizes 

how to precisely cut your photo prints using your Cricut

to enhance your photos with images and text in Design Space

to cut your digital photo to exactly the right size and shape for the project

how to upload your digital photos to Design Space

to easily add frames and captions to your photos in Design Space (no 3rd-party software required!)

to use the guides operation to make cropping even more precise

how to create a custom material setting for your special stickers or paper

minorDIY workshops are known for thorough, easy-to-follow videos. Crafters said:

This was wonderful! I will go back to it often but it was so useful and interesting that I listened to it in one setting. I was hooked!
- - - 

I watched the first four or five videos of the class yesterday. Your teaching technique is "spot on" and easy to listen to as well as to watch… Why didn't that method ever occur to me?? 

 Such an easy hack and for me, who uses printed photos, an amazingly easy help! Can't wait to watch more! Thank you.
- - - 

That old saying, “They saved the best for last” could not be more true. Your project is my all time most favorite & I thank you so much for sharing your talent.
- - - 

Preserve precious memories and bring joy to your loved ones by creating personalized photo gifts.

Hi, I'm Emily, and I empower crafters to create beautiful, personal paper creations for their loved ones and special occasions. 

We craft with the intention to make something truly unique and meaningful for the extra-special people we love. 


After all, what could be more special and personal than capturing and sharing cherished memories?

Curious why I'm so passionate about photos?

Perhaps the BEST gift I have ever received was from my mom, for high school graduation. (Yes, that was a very long time ago.) 

 She made a scrapbook with hundreds of photos from my childhood. 


She'd trimmed stacks of photos (cutting out where there was a thumb over the camera or a blurry area), glued them (along with captions and dates) to letter-sized paper, and put them in page protectors in a binder. 

 That was one of the most memorable gifts I've ever gotten. 

Those pages have been thumbed through many, MANY times over the years. Looking back, that was probably the start of my love for photos and scrapbooking. 

 The obligatory landscape and sunset photos aren't special ones... 

 Truly amazing photos are those that capture the people, the atmosphere, and the emotions of an exact experience.

Bonus Lessons

These lessons just fit in so well with creating personalized photo gifts that I had to give them to you.

Turn your handwriting into a font

Learn how to make your handwriting into a font using your iPad and Apple Pencil, using a free website.

9 best tips for Cricut paper crafts

Many paper crafts can be enhanced with photos! You'll learn some of the best tips to get great results with cardstock.

Create stickers with text in Design Space

Learn two different methods to create stickers. Use them for cards, calendars, planners... or anything else you can dream up.


  • What if I don't have digital photos?
    No problem at all!

    You'll learn how to use your Cricut to cut previously-printed photos PRECISELY.
  • What if I only have disorganized digital photos on my phone?
    You'll learn how to create folders, find photos from special dates or events, and get them off your phone and into the photo explosion box!
  • I'm not very good with Design Space. Is that OK?
    It's totally fine!

    That's why each video demonstrates where to click and explains what's happening every step of the way.
  • Do I need a computer to use with Design Space?
    Nope. If you often use Design Space with your iPad, you know how to use the functions needed.

    All of the videos are recorded using the desktop version of Design Space, so the menu options won't look the same, but they'll be there.
  • How long do I have to watch the workshop?
    You have lifetime access to the workshop, along with all future updates, new lessons, and new projects that use photos.

    You can access it on your phone, your computer, your iPad - anywhere that has internet available.

    Go at your own pace. It's up to you if you want to binge-watch it or watch one lesson at a time.

    Open both Design Space and the workshop and follow along click-by-click!
  • Are the lessons long and complicated?

    Most of the lessons are 5 to 6 minutes long, so they're easy to digest.

    There are lots of different examples showing how to do similar functions; seeing many different photos in use gives you more inspiration for your own projects!
  • Can I use my Cricut Joy?
    Yes, but with a few modifications.

    You can use your Joy to cut photo prints.

    The Joy doesn't have the Print Then Cut function, which is best used with digital photos.

    However, I've discovered a way to hack this feature! There's a lesson and template for it, which I encourage you to watch first.

What are crafters saying about their Cricut projects after they learned to use photos in them?

Emily, your designs are GREAT! I immediately made the "mantle-worthy" accordion photo card for my grandson, with pics of him in the sixth-grade production of Annie! He LOVED it! A modified version of your nested Valentine box became a gift-card holder for another grandson and I think that will be a hit, even for a teenager! I just love your style and your approach. What imagination! Thanks so very much! 

      Mary B

LOVE your ideas! Thank you!!


I made the heart explosion box for my great niece's 21st birthday. It came out great. I put it in the mail today! Thanks for the file!


Your photo card is such a beautiful idea as I am a scrapbooker as well as crafter. My photos mean so much to me that I would LOVE making cards/gifts for family and friends often. I love your designs—they are so creative and attractive!


Wondering what you can make with photos? 

Here's a little project inspiration.

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